Experts in the field of geological survey


«Geoline» LLC — organisation, which specialize in comprehensive geotechnical investigation for building. The company has been successfully operating in this segment for more than six years and is one of the largest companies in its field in Ukraine today.

«GeoLine» LLC performs engineering and geological works for the construction of the largest objects in Ukraine as quickly and qualitatively as possible.

Our specialists have a high level of competence in all types of engineering surveys, as well as carry out some unique types of work that are not represented in the Ukrainian market of survey services.


Geological survey

A comprehensive study of the geological features of the site set aside for construction. The information obtained as a result of geological engineering work is the basis for the development of design documentation.


Laboratory and office work

In the process of performing field work, an off-site processing of primary documentation begins at the construction site, followed by laboratory studies to determine the physical and mechanical properties of soils, as well as a chemical analysis of water.

Engineering-geophysical survey

Geophysical surveys using seismic, georadar and electrical exploration methods make it possible to obtain reliable and relevant data on: the presence of landslide processes, soil moisture level, occurrence of aquifers; timely identify karst cavities, determine the bearing capacity of the geological massif.

Engineering and geodesy survey

The most important stage of construction, gasification of construction sites, laying of routes, creating a geodetic justification for any project. The result of this type of work is information on existing construction object, relief elements, underground utilities, assessments of natural and technological conditions, as well as compiling a geodetic justification for the design, construction and operation of a future building object.